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Gardens in the Sky

Area : 3500 Sq Ft
Location : Kozhikode, Kerala
Year : 2022
Team : Ar. Rahul Mathew
Ar. Priya Rose

A 3500 Sq ft Duplex designed as a tropical paradise for a young couple, occupying the 12th and 13th floors of a new apartment complex in Calicut city. The project is named as "Gardens in the Sky", with an aesthetic that is earthy, natural, aged and casual, this tropical heaven is complete with indigenous species of plants and vines, Amur carps skimming the shallow pond and the occasional birds and bees that visit the space. The home proposes an atemporal, fresh and peaceful atmosphere while including a playful twist in the form of a red-statement-staircase, which becomes the home's centerpiece.

Designed as a home for a young couple in Calicut, Kerala. We conceptualized an intimate space for their client that could adapt to their changing requirements and accommodate their friends at the same time.
Aptly named 'Gardens in the Sky,' the apartment is dotted with a garden on its periphery and overlooks the continuous skyline.

We planned the space to be one with the outdoors, a tropical zen sanctuary on the 12th and 13th floors of a newly completed building. To develop the existing look, certain structural changes were executed. For instance, by removing superfluous elements, the ground floor was converted to an oven living and entertainment area that is connected to the

The floor slab on the 13th floor was cut and beams holding the floor were removed and replaced by steel girders which are hidden under the bridge connecting the two rooms on top.
Using a stunning interpretation of colours, like the red staircase leading to the monochromatic first floor, has brought the most intricate design details of the space to the fore.

"Essentially, a delight to the eye and to live in, the entire space has evolved as a mystical synthesis of the natural environment and modern outlook of the couple, thus making the home susceptible to future change and use.

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